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AP Tuner 3.09

AP Tuner will help you to keep tuned your instruments

AP Tuner is a convenient musical instrument's tuner that will help you to keep the good sound of your instruments. It is capable of tuning guitars, bass, violins, and almost any instrument that needs to be tuned with great accuracy (has an up to 0.1 cents scale).

It works both by capturing the audio microphones for acoustic instruments, and by input line for electric instruments (when necessary, you must use an input adapter). It is truly accurate, and allows you to choose between several different tunings to meet your needs.

The use of this application is very simple and you will take advantage of it immediately. To help you in your tuning task, is has a harmonic graphic and a user-configurable notes library. Soon you realize that this application is able to tune your preferred instrument almost perfectly. For example, if you want to tune an instrument that is not included in the menu, you must first configure the program to be able to tune it, because default settings are confabulated to tune guitar and other string instruments. Select Note - Edit Note Presets and click New in the pop up window. In the empty space, type the name of the instrument you want to add and write the appropriate notes in the correct order (this varies depending on the instrument). Click Save.
Then, in the main screen, change AP Turner mode to the instrument you want to tune and that's all, you only have to play your instrument note by note (key by key, string by string, hole by hole, etc.).
The user should have more than basic musical knowledge to understand and be able to exploit all its features. Moreover, AP Tuner has a built-in metronome, so you can practice your tempo exercises.

Sergio A. Durán
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  • Accurate and fully configurable to fit one's needs


  • Its analog-type dial
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